Neue Pläne zum Umgang der englischen Polizei mit Kindern und Jugendlichen

National Strategy for the Policing of Children and Young People

The National Police Chief’s Council has launched a National Strategy for the Policing of Children and Young People.

The aim of the strategy is “to improve the quality of policing for children and young people by acknowledging their differences, recognising their vulnerabilities and meeting their needs.”

The strategy focuses on the four key areas highlighted within the All Party Parliamentary Group for Children inquiry report, It’s all about Trust: Building Good Relationships between Children and the Police. These are:
  • stop and search
  • looked-after children
  • detention, custody and criminalisation of children and young people
  • the relationship between young people and the police.

There is a renewed positive drive within police forces around the country to get it right for children, in partnership with all agencies who do or should be playing their part.
Accompanying the strategy, an operational action plan has been created. This clearly sets out the objectives and required work, as well as providing details of ownership and timescales. The action plan will remain a living document which will allow progress to be monitored in terms of implementing the strategy.

Should you require more details or have any questions, contact Superintendent Marion Sandwell, Senior Police Adviser at the YJB.