Neuigkeiten aus dem BJS zu Gefangenenzahlen in den USA (9.12.2015)

Census of Jails: Population Changes, 1999–2013 (NCJ 248627)

This report presents state-level estimates of the number of inmates confined in local jails at yearend 2013, by sex, race, and Hispanic origin. This report includes statistics, by jurisdiction size, on the number of inmates confined in jail and persons admitted to jail during 2013. It also provides—

  • information on changes in the incarceration rate
  • average daily population
  • admissions
  • expected length of stay
  • rated capacity
  • percent of capacity occupied
  • inmate-to-correctional officer ratios.

The Census of Jails is part of a series of data collections that study the nation's local jails and periodically collect data from Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facilities that function as jails. The 2013 Census of Jails was the tenth in a series of complete enumerations of jail facilities collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) since 1970.


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