Angewandte Polizeiforschung in England und Wales

The What Works Centre for Crime Reduction was established in 2013 and is part of the College of Policing.

New reviews have recently been published on

  • electronic monitoring;
  • speed camera to reduce speeding traffic and road traffic injuries; and
  • What Works in retail tagging.
  • An independent review of the WWCCR itself, and its progress over the last 3 years, has also been published. More ...

The focus of the What Works Centre for Crime Reduction is on:

  • reviewing research on practices and interventions to reduce crime;
  • labelling the best available evidence on interventions in terms of impact on crime reduction, how they work, where they work, how to do it and economic cost. Go to Crime Reduction Toolkit.
  • providing Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and other crime reduction stakeholders with the knowledge, tools and guidance to help them target their resources more effectively.

The Centre is led by a core team from the College of Policing and has been supported by a Commissioned partnership programme which was jointly funded by the College and the Economic and Social Research Council.

The What Works Centre for Crime Reduction is part of a network of What Works Centres created to provide robust and comprehensive evidence that will guide decision-making on public spending. For more information, see the website.

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