Einlieferungen in Notfallambulanzen als Vorläufer /Indikatoren für spätere Tötung.

Eine aufschlussreiche Studie an italienischen Frauen

Journal of Family Violence
October 2015, Volume 30, Issue 7, pp 853-858

Are Emergency Department Admissions in the Past Two Years Predictors of Femicide? Results from a Case–control Study in Italy

  • Carlo Mamo Email author
  • Selene Bianco
  • Marco Dalmasso
  • Marta Girotto
  • Luisa Mondo
  • Marina Penasso

It is unclear if femicide represents either the final outcome of an history of violence or a dramatic isolated event.

The study aims to evaluate whether admissions in Emergency Departments during the 24 months preceding a woman’s death may be considered a risk predictor for femicide. A case–control study design was used. Victims of femicide during 2005–2010 with residence in Piedmont, Italy, were considered as cases (42). Women with the same residence who died in road traffic accidents were selected as controls (440). Odds Ratios were computed, adjusting for socio-economic characteristics.

Victims of femicide had a significantly higher probability to have an admission to Emergency Departments when compared to controls of the same age and socio-economic status. This suggests that femicide is in most cases preceded by episodes of physical violence that can be documented by admissions in Emergency Departments.