Britische Regierung stellt neuen Plan zur besseren Bekämpfung der Hasskriminalität bis zum Jahr 2020 für England und Wales vor

Policy paper: Hate crime action plan 2016

From: Home Office, Department for Communities and Local Government and Ministry of Justice
First published: 26 July 2016

The government’s plan for dealing with hate crime in England and Wales. 

Document: Action against Hate: the UK government’s plan for tackling hate crime

Ref: ISBN 978-1-78655-163-4 PDF, 246KB, 40 pages

Detail: This document sets out the government’s plan of actions to deal with hate crime until May 2020. It applies to England and Wales only. It outlines actions the government will take to:

  • prevent and respond to hate crime
  • increase reporting of hate crime incidents
  • improve support for victims
  • build an understanding of hate crime

As part of the hate crime action plan, a £2.4 million funding scheme for places of worship has been launched. This will provide security measures and equipment for vulnerable places of worship that need increased protection.